The contact persons named in the advertisements for individual activities also acts as their organiser.

Terms of Registration

Registrations must be submitted in writing either by e-mail, surface mail or telefax. Electronic registration via e-mail must be addressed to the person named in the individual advertisement or to kontakt[at]

Terms of Payment

Following the registration the participant will receive a confirmation of registration (usually via e-mail). Payment of the full amount for the seminar including 20% VAT is expected after the invoice has been sent and before the start of the seminar.


The terms offered for each individual activity can be found on the advertisement for this activity. Discounts cannot be added up.

Cancellation Policy

After the invoice has been sent and other formal requirements have been completed, the cancellation fee is 50% of the seminar fee if no replacement has been nominated. In case of a failure to appear or in case of cancellation on the day of the seminar the entire fee will be charged. Cancellations have to be made in writing. A replacement can be nominated at any time.

Seminar Location

The location of each individual seminar can be found on the advertisement. If this is not the case, the location will be made known to the participants six weeks prior to the seminar at the latest. If the seminar takes place outside of Vienna the address and telephone number of the location will be made known. Accommodations must be booked by the participants themselves and must be paid separately, registration for the seminar only guarantees a reservation.

Programme Changes/Cancellation of the Seminar

The organisers reserve the right to all necessary changes concerning the programme and the location, as long as the total character of the seminar is maintained. The organisers especially reserve the right to cancel a seminar for good cause (e.g. illness of trainer, not enough participants). In case of cancellation the participants will be notified immediately and the seminar fee will be refunded in full. No other claims will be admitted unless caused by gross negligence.

Privacy Policy

All submitted data will be stored electronically under consideration of the Data Protection Act. Unless indicated otherwise you will be informed about future activities and will be contacted via telefax, e-mail or telephone. You can revoke your consent at any time via the button “unsubscribe newsletter” or via e-mail to kontakt[at]