Professional Network

For certain projects we call in colleagues who are close to us professionally and offer supplementary expertise:

  • Peter Ettl – enable
  • Angela Gotthardt-Lorenz – Institute of Supervision and organisation development
  • Adalbert Gschosmann – Coaching, Supervision, Consulting
  • Petra Morgenbesser – Supervision, Führungskräftecoaching, Organisationsberatung
  • Birgit Riel-Brandstetter – Institute of Supervision and organisation development
  • Ebrû Sonuçcomplet GmbH
  • Christian Kohner-Kahler – Psychoanalytische Praxis, Supervision ()
  • Cornelia Kohlross-Gittenberger – Entwicklungsräume Organisationsberatung

We are active in the following training associations and federations. They are our professional home and a platform for networking and affiliation. You will be able to meet us regularly in these contexts at events and training seminars:

  • DÖK – Austrian Society for Body-Oriented Psychotherapy. Bioenergetic Analysis
  • IOA – Initiative Outdoor-Aktivitäten. Association for Nature- and Movement-Oriented Staff, Group and Organisation Development
  • ÖAGG – Austrian Work Group for Group Therapy and Group Dynamics, Professional section group dynamics/dynamic group psychotherapy
  • ÖVS – Austrian Association for Supervision