Working Principles

naschmarkt consulting group has its roots in the method of applied group dynamics. For this reason we consider the dynamic processes of development and change to be of central significance and regard phenomena of resistance and conflicts as natural side effects.

Process orientation and learning from experience are characteristics of our project and training architectures. We design them according to the demands and the specific situation of our customers as well as according to the current demands of the respective groups.

We assume (co-)responsibility and critically reflect processes of the working world in the mirror of social developments with our clients. We focus on cooperative relationships – and thus on how to deal with confidence-building, conflicts, competition and shared responsibility.

Our team uses an interdisciplinary approach, drawing on the versatile know-how of our consultants: social sciences and economics, IOA® – Action-Oriented Outdoor Methods, systemic consulting, psychoanalysis and bioenergetic analysis (body-oriented models).