Team Development

If cooperation needs to be re-invented


  • want to encourage contact amongst team members
  • have to set up a project or work team
  • have to develop strategies to integrate and master challenging tasks
  • would like to ensure the job satisfaction in your department in a sustainable manner
  • would like to acknowledge the achievements and capabilities of your subordinates
  • have to deal with different points of view within your team and have to come to a common position
  • are faced with an open conflict within your team and are searching for a suitable setting for dealing with it
  • would like to take measures for preventing overload and burnout effects

We offer you

  • Teambuilding workshops
    • support in cases of changes in staff
    • for newly founded companies and cooperations and re-organisation
  • Team development workshops for continuing discussion and reflection
  • Team trainings with action-oriented outdoor methods IOA®
  • Conflict regulation in order to enable your team to work or to restore its working ability
  • Burnout prevention and crisis intervention in a team
  • Facilitation of your annual and other closed meetings
  • Body-oriented team days