If you need a space for reflection


  • have demanding customers and clients and are looking for relief
  • would like to analyse and organise your tasks, roles and functions
  • have the need to clarify ambivalent and contradictory assignments for yourself
  • fear that your competencies will no longer be enough and ask yourself if you are still able to keep up with changesnotice that your values collide with the new demands and requirements
  • need support in your everyday dealings with re-structuring processes
  • experience symptoms of “burning out” or notice them about others in your working environment

Your Team

  • would like to ensure their repertoire of professional actions in working with clients
  • are looking for a space to face irritations, conflicts and disturbances
  • need a space for reflecting organisational demands and requirements
  • would like to reflect on their various attitudes towards work and would like to strengthen their common focus
  • would like to receive collegial feedback

Supervision is a form of consultation about topics of the working world which relate to individuals as well as to organisations. It explicitly centres on questions and problems in regard to professional context and the workplace. During supervision, examples of daily demands and concerns are addressed. Supervision does not directly intervene in real events but takes place in a consulting structure with a clearly defined time and place.

The goal is to reflect professional situations in one-on-one, team or group settings in order to enable/empower supervisees to handle problems and challenges constructively, to resolve conflicts and to manage change processes actively (cf.,


In consideration of the growing complexity of organisations we take into account all the internal systems involved; adjoining teams, other departments as well as executives can take part in our consultation setting if required and appropriate.

One-on-one supervision serves as a guide for self-reflection in a professional context.

Team supervision creates a space in which organisational processes can be reflected in the context of working together and contradictions can be addressed and processed. Together, new points of view can be developed and internal dynamics can be gauged.

Integrated case- und team supervision provides a space in which the professional attitude and performance in the work with clients can be continuously reflected and difficult “cases” can be examined in regard to the dynamics within the team, which in turn fosters better understanding.

Case supervision uses ongoing reflection to create an opportunity for professionals who work with customers/clients to assure the quality of their professional attitude and performance.

Group supervision is designed for participants from one specific professional field who work for different institutions, departments or teams and who want to reflect their work.


At short notice as well as in regular intervals as required and arranged.