Organisational Consulting

If response times get shorter and shorter


  • want to develop a clear picture/image of your organisation in a dynamic environment
  • register new demands on a conceptual-structural level due to changing parameters and conditions
  • notice an increase in conflict as indicator for cultural misbalance
  • have to care for a balance between success and health
  • are responsible for the establishment of new forms of cooperation within and between teams and departments
  • are obliged to develop the quality of consultancy and care in the field of social services with the available resources
  • want to implement aims, processes and instruments of HR management in order to professionalise your system(s) of leadership


  • help clarifying your needs
  • develop a first diagnosis of the status quo in your organisation, department…
  • agree on a clear architecture of the consultation process and consider you as responsible partner in the working process
  • design adequate designs for meetings and workshops throughout the various phases of the process
  • care for a high level of participation of all members involved
  • support your intentions of change on both a small- and big-scale basis
  • offer to facilitate your closed meetings and conferences