Leadership Development

If responsibility becomes increasingly delegated


  • want your executives to make personnel decisions in a timely and resolute manner
  • notice that communication and the dealing with conflicts within your organisation could be improved
  • want your executives to learn to deal with their subordinates’ limits in a timely manner
  • are dealing with a new generation of subordinates and executives and want to make the best out of their talents, their commitment and their qualification
  • wish for more commitment and appreciation in day-to-day collaboration
  • want to improve the networks between certain groups of subordinates or departments to ensure the best transfer of knowledge
  • discover that your organisation’s increase in size requires the development of structural standards in human resource management


  • support executives in tricky personnel decisions
  • support you in the development and strengthening of your executives’ specific competencies such as working with groups and teams, health as a management responsibility or change management
  • offer a range of seminars which can also be adapted especially for your staff as in-house training
  • design programmes especially customised for developing the potential of your (junior) executives
  • (co-)design mentoring-programmes for building sustainable working relationships
  • offer peer- and group-coaching to foster qualification and networking within your company as well as with other companies (Entre Nous, Let it flow) and enable your executives to cooperate and support each other
  • support you in the implementation of various instruments of human resource management such as processes of clarification of functions,  burnout prevention, re-integration of employees after an extended absence…