If you are the one who has to take the initiative


  • work as an executive and need support in the (ongoing) development of your organisation or organisational unit
  • are an individual entrepreneur and are required to manage customer acquisition and self-organisation
  • have to overcome a conflict of roles
  • would like to prepare for a particular meeting, discussion or interview in a structured manner
  • have to implement a project or have to deal with a new task for your team
  • are dealing with issues of self-management in order to keep the various aspects of your life in balance
  • are faced with (professional) re-orientation or have received an offer to this effect
  • are at the beginning of your career or have taken on a new function and are in need of a “sparring partner”

Coaching is a form of professional counselling which is widely used as a format for executives. In addition, it is also applied in the context of professional development and career planning.

The consultation/counselling process is goal-oriented and has a clearly defined time-frame. It is guided by specific questions or tasks, which are defined by the coachees. Concrete strategies for taking action are developed – if necessary with the agreement of the coachee’s superior – and their implementation is initiated. Similar to supervision, coaching supports the development of individual competencies and self-reflection.


In additional to the classic one-on-one setting coaching is also used for group or peer settings and in the context of leadership development programmes. Executives increasingly start to use self-organised group- or peer-coachings in order to better connect teams, departments and organisations and to support the required establishing of cooperations.


One-time sessions or 5 to 10 sessions at regular intervals as well as a previously agreed number of session within a defined time-frame in the context of learning processes and accompanying consulting processes.