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We consult and support individuals, groups and organisations in processes of development and change.

In today’s world of work changes within organisations have become a permanent condition, a fact which contradicts peoples’ need for stability. This leads to a continuous necessity to balance central fields of tension:

These fields of tension come along with ambivalences which are impossible for individuals to regulate all by themselves. Support and recognition by the organization are prerequisites which allow individuals to carry out conflicts which would otherwise prevent them from fulfilling their tasks. For this, they need stable zones where they can encounter changes.

Consulting fulfils a helpful function if it acknowledges the status quo and can offer stability in face of the dynamics of conflict and development. As consultants we are critical if we detect a deferral of conflict and see ourselves as pugnacious “opposites” who are ready to treat disputes responsibly.

Wherever these qualities are in demand we support measures at the intersection between individual and organisation. Our focus lies on organisations active in the areas of Social Profit and Public Administration as well as on companies in the service sector. Details can be found under Customer Testimonials and References.